Episode 1 : Adventure is in the Mind of the Child

Welcome to PLAYWORK.

In part 1 of our premiere episode, Morgan, Maayan and Erin sit down with American playworker Alex Cote to discuss what playwork is all about. We talk about easy changes you can implement today to better support play and Alex recommends her favorite pet accessory for the playground. Plus Jill Wood answers the question, “how do you start an adventure playground?”

In part 2, the conversation continues with Alex Cote, wherein Alex talks about the first, and the worst loose parts on her school playground. Plus, we introduce a brand new segment - listen on to find out more!

Alex shared some great photos from her work at the Riverdale School. We added some of our own from Erin's visit to the Parish School Adventure Playground this Spring. 

Here are the links we promised in parts 1 and 2! 

Riverdale School

Lixit hose attachment

Alex's Blog

Parish School

Playwork Primer


As an added bonus, from our "If You Like.... Then You'll Like..." segment in Part 2, here are our rec's, enjoy!

Bea's Big Laughs (podcast)

Paper Moon as performed by Ella Fitzgerald


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