Playwork is a new podcast for people who love play

Erin, Morgan and Maayan are play advocates, collaborators and friends. Each episode of Playwork features their candid interviews with playworkers, teachers, play theorists, parents, and more doing the (genuinely) dirty work of creating spaces for play. We and our interviewees answer questions like:

  • What is playwork?
  • How do you start an adventure playground?
  • How soon is too soon for fire on the playground? 
  • How can I advocate for play to the teachers or parents I know?

Our show works to consolidate the wisdom and insight of the adventure play movement and be a resource for those advocating for play at school, home and in public space. 

The Crew


Morgan Leichter-Saxby

is one of the coolest folks around. They're working on a PhD in Playwork which is pretty much the most badass thing anyone could ever do. They are one of a few people basically responsible for bringing the practice of Playwork to the united states, and revolutionizing the Adventure Playground scene here and around the world.


Erin Davis

is the director of The Land, a documentary about the Welsh adventure playground of the same name. Since its premiere at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, The Land has been used widely by educators and play advocates, designers and parents as a tool to launch robust conversations about play, risk, freedom and children's culture. She also produces this podcast.

The Land is available for educational use and on home DVD.


Maayan Bar-Yam

came to playwork through his love of playgrounds, and his dissatisfaction with the conventional playgrounds he knew as a child. He met Morgan Leichter-Saxby in 2012 on a trip to the UK, where he visited several adventure playgrounds, and almost decided to get a masters in playwork. Two failed architecture degrees later, he's back in the ring to help spread the word about playwork and adventure playgrounds.